Mark Andrew Trewitt: An Esteemed Financial Planning Expert Making a Difference

Mark Trewitt is an esteemed financial planning expert hailing from Plano, Texas, specializing in estate planning, wealth preservation, tax mitigation, and charitable tax planning. With an impressive career spanning over four decades in the financial planning and services sector, he has left a notable impact on wealth management for his clients. Furthermore, his passion for teaching shines through in his professional pursuits and interactions with client families. Mark's unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve their wealth accumulation and philanthropic objectives demonstrates his dedication to creating a positive impact while eradicating what he terms "involuntary philanthropy."

Professional Career and Accomplishments

Since 1981, he has been guiding clients towards financial independence and security. In 2006, he established Integrated Financial Solutions Group, a family office wealth management firm, solidifying his approach rooted in education. The 2016 publication of his book, "Integrated Generosity," further elaborates on the strategies he has acquired, observed, developed, and successfully applied throughout his extensive and illustrious career.

Driving Impact Through Charitable Tax Planning

Mark's innovative financial planning approach involves leveraging government tax incentives through charitable giving and other available measures to achieve current tax reduction or elimination. Employing a meticulous 360-degree approach, he ensures no opportunities are overlooked. By optimizing tax reduction strategies, he empowers families to redirect income and estate taxes towards family stewardship and directed generosity impacts, driven by the clients' passions and objectives.

Recognized Expert and Contributing Author

Mark A Trewitt's expertise has garnered him recognition within the financial services industry, including the prestigious Five Star Wealth Manager Award for three consecutive years. This esteemed accolade is reserved for advisors meeting ten objective criteria, attesting to Mark's high client retention rate, steady growth, and favorable regulatory history. Additionally, his contributions as an author to various publications on discounted Roth conversions and charitable strategies reinforce his standing as a recognized expert in his field.

Engaging Educator and Advisor

Over the past two decades, Mark has conducted more than 250 educational seminars on "Practical Tax Solutions" and "Stop the Wealth Leakage," resulting in redirecting tens of millions of dollars from client taxes to their chosen charitable causes, effecting significant and positive change.

Academic Background and Expertise

As a published author, Mark's book, "Integrated Generosity - Moving from Involuntary Philanthropy toward Intentional Stewardship and Directed Generosity," exemplifies his dedication to assisting clients in making informed financial decisions. His expertise spans crucial areas such as business succession/transition, wealth preservation, zero-tax estate planning, and high-impact charitable planning, all of which have played a pivotal role in his highly successful career.

Personal Life and Interests


Beyond his professional achievements, Mark finds joy and relaxation in spending quality time with his family. His hobbies of golf and fishing provide a welcome respite from his busy schedule, allowing him to reconnect with nature and indulge in friendly competition.

Mark Andrew Trewitt stands as a distinguished professional, seamlessly blending his financial planning expertise with his personal interests and unwavering commitment to philanthropy. His dedication to continuous learning, exceptional leadership abilities, and active community service underscore his commitment to personal and professional growth. Moreover, Mark's passion for golf, fishing, and giving back enriches his life and serves as the driving force behind his mission of helping clients achieve financial security while supporting the causes they deeply care about.

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